2 ; 1 ; in Month : May (2020) Article No : jecor-v2-1002
Kamal G Effat

Abstract Objective: The issue of eye pain in patients with temporomandibular disorders (TMD) had not been previously addressed; specifically, in relation to the two major subgroups of TMD; arthrogenous and myogenous. The present study aimed to compare the incidence and pattern of eye pain in arthrogenous versus myogenous TMD. Methods: The study involved 314 consecutive patients with TMD, prospectively examined over a period of 6 months. These were stratified into 193 patients with arthrogenous TMD and 121 patients with myogenous TMD. The pattern of any eye pain in each patient was studied. Results: Eye pain was present in 78 per cent of TMD patients. It was more commonly encountered in myogenous versus arthrogenous TMD patients. Approximately one-quarter of patients in either group had TMD-related eye pain. Conclusion: Eye pain is significantly associated with TMD. The presence of eye pain augments the morbidity of TMD in patients afflicted with both disorders.

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