2 ; 1 ; in Month : May (2020) Article No : jecor-v2-1004
Cahit Gaffar Aslan

Abstract Objective: Reposition of malpositioned lateral crura to normal position in rhinoplasty is important both functionally and aesthetically. The aim of this study is to describe a lateral cruras reposition suture technique for supplying tip symmetry and avoiding crural displacement. Patient and Method: Sixteen primary rhinoplasty cases with malpositioned lateral crura underwent lateral crural control suture (LCCS) were reported. In this technique dissected and released lateral crura were fixed to cheek skin with a suture. Those cases were assessed with FACE-Q rhinology module both aesthetically and functionally. Result: Intraoperative or postoperative lateral crural displacement can be prevented and nasal tip symmetry can be supplied easily with LCCS. Results were satisfactory both functionally and aesthetically. Conclusion: LCCS is a good alternative to correct lateral crural malposition and obtain a tip symmetry.

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